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People have said some lovely things about us over the years. Here are a few of our favourites

The Press

'Probably Manchester’s most venerable pub.’

The New York Times

‘The Chop House is a beautiful hearty mouthful, ideal for mates and meetings.’ ‘ Fit for a king.’

Viva Magazine

'A lesson in how to retain the original pleasures of a good old fashioned pub and yet move with the times.'

City Life

‘The Chop House is proof that British fare, when expertly handled, can more than hold its own against its continental cousins.’

Waitrose Magazine

'Service is unfussy but effective and Bergier marshals the different wines, decanters and glasses adroitly. Sam’s has real charm – it seems old-fashioned but not to the point of quaintness. The food is honest, locally inspired and if you can dodge the tram excavations and get a seat next to Mr Lowry at the bar you will have a good time.'

Charles Campion (former Times, Independent and London Evening Standard food critic, author and Masterchef expert) 

‘Sam’s is the perfect date’ ‘Mrs Chadders had fish and chips, again with Manchester caviar, and found the batter melt-in-the-mouth and the fish wonderfully tender. The chips are how chips should be, big and fat, piping hot with a light, frothy interior’ ‘If anywhere is the perfect food for Autumn, it’s Sam’s Chop House, with its cosy Victorian interior and gut-busting comfort food, it makes even the wettest of wet Wednesdays a joy and makes you feel nostalgic for a bygone era.’

I Love Manchester 

‘Sam's offers vintage ports, some glorious dessert wines, including a pinot blanc from Sepp Moser in Beerenauslese ("Bloody good, even if they did bomb our chippie") and well-made coffee. It doesn't offer retiring rooms for overstuffed diners, but it should. Excellent wines take pride of place here, alongside the old-fashioned concept of good cheer’ ‘What Sam's offers today's trencherman is enormous portions of honest food, and what might just be the best wine list in the north-west. Mismatched wipe-clean tables and pub grub chairs simply do not prepare you for a wine specials board trumpeting Château Lynch-Bages 1989 at £150 a pop - "hurry whilst stocks last".'

Kevin Gould – The Guardian 

‘Classic and comforting, yes, but creative and classy, too. Which just about sums up this superb new menu.’

Louise Rhind–Tutt ILM

The People

'Corned beef hash has never tasted so bloody good!'

Andy Allock

'Stunning from start to finish. I think what really stands this place apart is the service. Every member of staff did absolutely everything for us… The Chop House is a true Manchester institution.'

Mr & Mrs Davies

'When someone says shall we go to town for a few drinks, you have to go to Sam’s.'

Joyce Chandler

'When I was a young lad corned beef hash was out of a tin, all salty mush. Sam's one is special. I have dreams about it!'

Stan Alderson

'It’s a proper pub. There’s not many of those left now. Long live our Sam’s!'

Sue Spencer

'You can’t beat a Sam’s session. Amazing food and a nice chat with Lowry at the bar while you pay for your pint.' 

Sam Johnson

'Everyone knows Sam’s. Jamie’s Italian and all those other chains have come and gone but we still go to Sam’s whenever we’re in town. The food is always great. Massive portions, fresh ingredients and nobody knows wine like George.'

The Smiths

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