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In the 1860s Manchester was sweating at the forefront of the industrial revolution. The most powerful economic centre in the world. Forged on hard work.


It was a magnet for power, industry, revolutionary thinkers and hard graft. Arkwright built his mill here. Bridgewater created the world’s first successful canal. Rutherford split the atom. John Dalton gave the world his atomic theory. Later Alan Turing pioneered computer science and Emmeline Pankhurst founded the Social & Political union.


It drew people from all over the country with the promise of opportunity and new wealth.


And so, brothers Thomas and Samuel Studd, came to Manchester from London.


Chop Houses were all the rage in Victorian England. A place for people to eat, drink and revel. Thomas was a trained chef and the brothers had ambitions to open their own place.

They established their first Chop House on Cockpit hill off Market Street. But after a disagreement Thomas left to open his New Chop House on Cross Street, now Mr Thomas’s Chop House, in November 1867.


Soon the original restaurant was renamed Sam’s London Chop House, under the sole ownership of Sam.


By 1872 Sam realised that there was no need for “London” up here, so he got rid of it and established Sam’s Chop House in new premises on Market Street.

Sam’s quickly became one of the city’s most popular and famous pub restaurants. The reputation was built on proper home cooked food, local ales, fine wines sourced by local merchants the Willoughby family, and proper atmosphere.


In 1963 Sam’s was relocated to its current location at the intersection of Chapel Walks and Back Pool Fold by then owner A.H. or 'Bert' Knowles.

The Studd family line ended sometime in the early 1900s but we are still a family owned independent business.


We pride ourselves on the same values which made Sam’s famous. All of our food is cooked to order from fresh ingredients. We source our produce from the very best British suppliers, many of them family run as well. And we have an amazing team of people – our Sam’s family.


We are proud of our city and its amazing history.

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