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Chop House History Typre - a survival st

150 Years in the heart of Manchester

Sam’s has a long history. More than 150 years as one of Manchester’s most iconic pub restaurants. We are famous for Corned Beef Hash, a comforting olde worlde atmosphere, hearty portions and a wine list that is second to none.


But 150 years hasn’t come easy. Because, at the end of the day, history alone doesn’t keep a business going.


We have endured two world wars and the Spanish Flu pandemic. The Great Depression, the Cuban Missile Crisis and terrorist bombs. And in recent years the isolation imposed by what we called the ‘Trampocalypse’. Which saw many of city centre Manchester’s streets shut for excavations.

And now we have COVID-19.


How did we survive before? That is all down to the people of our city. Our customers, our suppliers, our amazing staff and the spirit of determination which is the lifeblood of everything great the city is built on.

The streets are paved with greats. Arkwright, Turing, Marx, Engels, Pankhurst, the Gallaghers, football, the industrial revolution, the list goes on. And the cement which holds all of their great achievements together is determination.


But now Sam’s Needs You!

And the same spirit of determination. If we are going to survive lock down, and if we are to remain independent, we need the support of the people of Manchester.

It’s not a cry of desperation though, we know you need the goods. Which is why our team is reinventing itself to create a virtual Chop House. We started serving the city centre with Deliveroo. Extended our reach with our direct Home Service, beginning with Sundays and soon to be available seven days a week. And we will be adding new products every week.
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